Matt has been our financial adviser and manager for 14 years. We have navigated estate planning; portfolio management; income streams and wealth protection. Market volatility and the GFC were dominant influences. Matt brings outstanding qualities to the task. Calm and patient; methodical and thorough. Coolly explaining complex issues. In particular the steady as she goes approach exudes stability and consistency for the long term. Unafraid to deliver bad news, as was the GFC, we felt confident to stay the course with Matt. Equally not over playing good news. But put into a long-term context. The team at Vantage have more than credible investment research. Delivery of recommendations is deliberate. Asset allocation is always managed to the agreed spread. Administrative support is excellent. Pauline and staff are courteous and efficient. Politely communicating follow ups. Effectively managing the paper trail. In essence this is a quality firm; highly recommended.